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Answer:  We generally will donate them to the American rescue workers.   If you want to use another
method of property donation, please discuss that desire with us prior to our starting work!  

Here is a rumor that we have heard in 2017 which we would like to address and we feel it is pertainant to this discussion.

We just caught wind of a nasty rumor going around regarding our services and I just want to take a few minutes to address that rumor as we have heard it.      We truly believe this rumor is being spread with confusion of other types of services in our area, but let us get to the meat of the matter:

The rumor floating around (as we have heard it) is that we purposely keep our prices high and do not come down so that we can resell the items ourselves on eBay, at auction, or at a flea market and pocket the money for ourselves.   
We have to answer this as it being a total fabrication.  Our business does not nor will ever engage in taking a clients property and doing anything with it other than donating the leftover personal property to the American Rescue Workers.  Or if our clients desire,  they can provide us Charity of their choice with the understanding that they must meet what the American Rescue Workers do for us by providing cleanup and boxing of items for themselves.   The person that picks up for the American Rescue Workers pays for the items he might want personally.   All remaining property that he picks up goes to the American Rescue Workers.

As for pricing of our items high in hopes that they would not sell, nothing could be further from the truth.  We do a lot of research and work very hard for the money we do earn through selling your items at our sales.  If an item does not sell, then there is simply no demand for that item at any price.   We take offers on items that are higher priced and the owner has final say as to whether those items sell if they desire.  Regardless, we do go half price on almost every item on the 2nd day of the sale at a certain time.   By the end of the sale or the third day it is make an offer and we will consider it even if it is below half price.  Now does that leave a lot of room for any price gouging to keep items to sell later?

We have no need for most personal property nor want most of the items we sell.  However, if we do choose to buy an item, we make sure the price we are paying for an item is fair and the same with our staff.  We do not just take the items.
As for taking items and selling them at auction or flea markets, we have never done such a thing and that rumor is totally false.     The last thing we would ever think of doing is taking items to an auction house or flea market that did not sell.     Our staff members also do not operate at flea markets or auction houses.  Be careful to ask any company you are doing business with about what they do with the remaining property.  If they are taking your items to a retail establishment or renting a property somewhere to conduct a sale, they are profiting from your items and you get nothing for it.   No matter what, you will get the services you PAID for from any company.  We tell you everything up front and there are no surprises a week, or a month down the road!

And finally, for the part of the rumor of selling an item on eBay that belonged to a client.  We would only do so with the client’s permission.  Once the sale is complete, the client gets a copy of the eBay number and final selling price.  A complete accounting for all eBay sales is always done and reconciled to the client as required under my License and bond with the State.   I would never take a client’s property and sell it for personal gain since that would get me in deep trouble with the state and not to mention the law.

Our business has grown tremendously over the last several years. We owe that to our many satisfied clients and customers that have grown to respect us and are happy with the results we have given them time-and-time again.  Of course you can never get 100% of all people to like you (nor would we ever be able to), but we do honestly try.   Our integrity has been earned and we hire only trustworthy staff that are equally as proud of the company and people they work with and would never do anything which would negatively affect our reputation and the quality of the service we provide.   We have worked hard to earn our reputation and we will work hard to ensure that reputation is upheld at all times.   

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