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How an in home Estate/Moving sale works best for you and your family:

Estate/Moving sales typically take place in a home that is empty or is soon going to be empty due to moving out or a death in the family. This is not a yard sale, it is a whole house sale.   We have a buying base of over 1900 people on our emailing lists!  We also have over 2200 people that like us and over 2900 people follow us and get sales information on our Facebook Businesss page @perfect2perfect!

If you are considering having us do your sale, PLEASE do not throw anything out until we see it.   You would not believe what can and will sell. To you
, an item may have seen its better days,  but let us make that decision for you. Every quarter adds up and that is what we do for you, make every item in a home turn into cash for your family.  Some Auctioneers will "cherry pick" and leave you with left over’s to throw out!  We sell just about every item available!  We really believe our method to sell your items is a refreshing and classy alternative to many auction services.

For example, besides the large items (such as furniture), we also sell linens, magazines, old books, unmatched utensils, cans of motor oil, brooms, cleaning supplies, office supplies, items from the garage, basement, plus spices and food items that are not opened or not expired (non-perishables). We have had clients clean out a home and throw out old magazines because they were a nuisance and when we told the family how much the old magazines could sell for, it was a shock!  Once an item is tossed there is no going back, so we urge you to let us look first and we will tell you if it is sellable or trash.
Estate/Moving sales work out very well for the family who has to rid the house of everything or downsize.

our sales normally run over 2-3 days. If you have ever been to an auction you know the buyers have only a few minutes to decide to make a purchase once the items become available on the auction block. Once the auctioneer says sold, that’s it, the item is gone. Most of the time, a buyer has to wait for hours for an item they want to be sold.

At an open house sale, the shopper has time to come in and look around and see the items displayed in a clean, organized manner. They can try out the small appliances (toasters, blenders, radios etc.) to make sure the  item is working and the cords are in nice condition. We take time to not only display your items, but we actually decorate the displays to make sure they look attractive to the buyer. The not so attractive items will be placed in a basement, garage, or weather permitting, outside on tables. This makes a big difference and is also what separates in home sales from yard sales or even auction houses.   

Our sales methods also reduce the chance of your items being damaged like they can be during a move to an auction house.  We are not a cleaning staff that will clean an entire home before the sale but we do make sure the home is nice and orderly and smells good.  We do, however,  leave the house "broom" clean.

We start the better items at a higher price. You can always bring a price down or take offers on the more expensive items. (We do not take bids; bidding for items is not permitted in the Pennsylvania unless you are an auctioneer. If you want to know more about how you, as an owner, can begin taking offers we will gladly explain this to you). We also try to sell the larger items (furniture, motor vehicles,  and major appliances (stove-frig-freezer, etc.) before the sale date.  This gives more room for smaller items in the house and cuts down on traffic and confusion during the days of the sale.

We go through every item and if the item will sell better on eBay we will sell this item online (this is a separate contract and I will explain if you have any questions).  
We have several experts we use in appraising items and will utilize appraisal services if an item’s value is questionable.  

We are licensed bonded & insured and able to sell items on line in the state of PA.  Ron’s PA trading Assistant License number  is TRA-00034.   He has held that license since 2009!  You must be licensed to sell other peoples property online in an auction format in this state!

We do it all for you, we call in the advertising, make the posters, get the necessary permits, place the signs (as allowed by law),  and do all the planning necessary for a successful sale
. Once the contract is signed, you only have to give us the key and let us get busy preparing to make your sale a success.

It can be overwhelming
trying to accomplish a sale and doing all this on your own.   We are here to remove the anxiety & burden and make this task easier for you. We will be respectful to you and to the home & belongings.  Just call Ron at 570-323-3682  or email under the -contact us- page link above

Other services we can do for you!

(I can offer you a smaller scaled down sale that can be held in a large garage, prepare for your yard sale by pricing your items,  OR sell for you "on line" (eBay) and/or Craig’s list only.  Please call and ask for rates and variations of sales) Call Ron at 570-323-3682

© Ronald L. Derr, Licensed Trading Assistant
Serving Lycoming and Surrounding Counties
1822 Lafayette Pkwy, Williamsport PA 17701
Phone 570-323-3682
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