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Our commission for estate sales vary based on difficulty of work, scope of work, estimated sales proceeds and other factors which are hard to pin down without a site visit.   What we can tell you is that our commissions for estate sales are very competitive.  Give us a chance to prove ourselves with the results we can attain with our customer base of over 1900 email customers and over 2900 following us directly on Facebook.  That number does not include the countless others who attend our sales everytime which do not have emails or facebook.  Our new commission starts as low as 10% and could be as much as 20% for the more difficult sales.  We also charge a reasonable hourly rate to pay us for the time involved in your sale preparation and completion.  We recently changed our commission structure to meet the industry standards that are being adopted across the country in preparation for new rules being developed by the U.S. Department of Labor for gig workers!

Our commissions for ebay sales start at $7.00 per item and 35 percent of final value of an item and go down mostly from there after the first $300.00.   We know that sounds like a lot of money, but with ebay and paypal fees being what they are, we end up selling a lot of items and making minimum wage or less because our staff devotes approximately 1 hour or more for each and every item they list.  

We have many satisfied customers of both estate sales and ebay sales and will gladly provide you some of our clients' names to check with if you want to verify our ability to sell your items RIGHT!   Unlike an Auction house, we many times sell to the end user directly which usually results in higher prices being realized with our sale methods versus an auction.   With our online auction service, we also sell to a WORLDWIDE marketplace and get you the most money possible with WORLDWIDE competition.  We handle the currency exchanges and the international shipping paperwork, customs paperwork, and everything required for a global marketplace!  We recently partnered with Pitney Bowes for our new Global Shipping Program which will allow us to offer first class mail on international pieces with complete traceability and insurability.     

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